• July 25, 2021

Aussie rock band has an ‘influence’ on world’s most famous pianists

Australian rock band Bm7 has been hailed as a ‘significant influence’ on the global piano community by a leading international expert.

The band’s debut album ‘Piano’ became one of the world’s best selling albums of 2014, selling over a million copies worldwide and being nominated for a Grammy.

The Grammy-nominated album’s first single ‘Invisible’ was the first to reach No 1 in Australia, selling more than 10 million copies.

‘Patti’, Bm07’s second single, hit No 2 in the country, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported.

In 2017, the group released the band’s third album, ‘Bm7’, which became one the worlds best selling album of the year.

‘The band’s impact on the world is significant,’ Dr Richard Lachance, an expert in piano performance at the University of Tasmania, told the ABC.

‘It’s a very important and important place in the piano world to have that influence.’

Dr Lachage said he was ‘appalled’ by the album’s release and said he believed the band would be a ‘huge influence on future generations’.

‘Picking the band is like picking the most successful Australian sports team.

‘They are a very talented group, but they are also a very different group than most other rock groups, so it’s quite ironic that they’re a huge influence on the piano community.’

The band formed in 2001.

They formed after being influenced by the Australian rock and roll band Biffy Clyro.

Bm 7’s members are the same as Biffys core members, guitarist Nicky Jamieson and bassist Matt Beddoe.

Biffies lead singer and vocalist Brian May had a long-standing friendship with drummer Chris Squire, and the two later formed the band.

‘I knew that Chris had a good heart, he was a good guy,’ Bm 07 bassist Chris Squires son, Tom Beddoes son, told news.com.au.

‘He was always a very happy guy and a very humble guy, so I was very lucky to have a great relationship with him.’

He and Biffie really bonded through the piano, and they were like brothers.’

Bm 2007’s lead singer Ben Hunt said Bm2007 was ‘one of the biggest influences on me in music’.

‘I was really influenced by his style, he had a great way of singing and his vocals were very melodic,’ Hunt told news-com.ai.

‘His guitar was very cool.

‘My brother, Nicky, also used to sing on the album.

I always liked the guitar part on ‘In the Air Tonight’ and that’s where I first heard his voice.’

Hunt said he is now a lifelong fan of Bm97 and the band, but he was more concerned about the album and their influence.

‘To be honest, I don’t know what the real deal is with them.

They are really quiet and quiet people,’ Hunt said.

‘There are two of them, but it’s a bit weird.

‘For me, the real thing with the band and their music is that they are a really good band, and that they can write really good music.’

Bm07 is one of those bands that is definitely the big name, they are one of our favourites, but what really attracts me is the music.

‘What is really good about them is they are very consistent in the way they play and their vocals are so good.’


M7 guitarist Matt Babb says his brother and Bm 97 bassist have a close relationship.

‘Their style of music is very different from our own.

I’m a big fan of their style and I love the way Bm has played,’ he said.

Matt Bammies son Tom Babb said his brother Nicky has always been a great musician.

‘Biffy is really into the piano and has always played with a lot of passion and enthusiasm.

He has always had a huge love for it, he really loves it.’

His style of playing is very, very, different from what we are used to and we love the music that he plays.’

The music we like is different to what he is used to playing.

‘We are a little bit of a little group of kids, so we just like to do things differently.’

We always play music together and we’re always going to be close to each other.’

Tom Bammys son said the band had ‘a big influence’ from the likes of rock, reggae and classical.

B.m7 bassist Ben Hunt says his older brother Nick has always loved music.

(ABC News: Dan Tapper)’B.m07 has always really loved music and the way he plays is really great.

I’ve always loved the way Nick plays and his style of singing is really different to our own.’

Bamm’s son Tom said he

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