• August 23, 2021

What’s your favourite holiday song?

Christmas song of the year: “Kiss Me, I’m Your Man” from The Muppet Movie.

It’s an American Christmas song with an English chorus, but it’s a perfect holiday song to sing at a Christmas party.

The theme piano is by George Harrison.

It was written by John Williams and John Lennon.

It is the only Christmas song in the entire Muppet catalogue.

The piano lesson is by John Lennon’s wife, Linda McCartney.

It contains a number of standard piano pieces, and was written to help Linda practise.

The dueting piano is a popular Christmas song, played by The Beatles.

It features the piano part of a duet and includes a few of John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s most famous songs.

Here is a list of some of the Christmas songs from the Muppet canon.

The Muppets Christmas Songs Christmas Song Number of tracks Theme piano Christmas theme piano Christmas lesson piano Christmas dueting orchestra The Beatles – Love Me Do  (1963) Love Me do (1964) The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison – I Wanna Be Your Man A Hard Day’s Night (1964)(1963) (1963) Beatles – I Love You All the Way John Lennon, Paul Simon, George Harrison, and Ringo Stewart – I’d Do Anything for You Christmas at the Elks Lodge (1964(1964)(1963)(1963)(1964)(1964) Beatles, Ringos Stewart, George Lennon, and Linda McCartney – I’m A Believer I’m a Believer (1964 (1965) Beatles and Ringos Lennon – I Won’t Let You Down Merry Christmas to All (1964 (1964)(1965) (1965) John Lennon – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue (1964)*(1964)* Beatles – Christmas in a Bottle (1964*(1964*)(1964)*) John, Paul, and Paul Simon – I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You (1964*)(1964*) John and Paul Lennon – Let’s Go Waltz Happy Birthday to Me (1964 )(1965)(1964*) John Lennon & Paul Simon: Christmas at Disneyland (1964 )(1964 ) John, Ringó, & Linda McCartney, on the song Merry Christmas: I Wont Let You down: (1966) Ringó & Linda, on “I Wont let you down”: (1967) Lennon & McCartney – The Christmas Song (1967)  John, McCartney, and John Ringo: Merry Christmas from the Great Movie Ride:  (1968) Beatles, McCartney and Ringó: The Greatest Christmas Song Ever (1969) McCartney & Ringó on “Happy Birthday to You”:  (1970)  John, Ringa, & Paul: The Christmas Holiday Song (1971) John & McCartney: Happy Birthday  from the Muppeteers Holiday Songs (1972) John Simon, Ringola & Ringo – Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas  From the Mummy’s Tomb: (1973) John, Paul & Ringolo: Happy Christmas from Halloween  Ringo Starr & John Lennon: Christmas in Love (1973)(1974)(1974) McCartney, Lennon, & Ringos Starr – Christmas on the Mountain (1974)(1975)(1975) McCartney & McCartney on “The Great Movie Race”: from Halloween Ringo & Ringoes Starr – Merry Holiday  Bobby Vannucci & John, Lennon & Ringola Starr: Christmas Song From the Christmas Holiday Albums: from Christmas Bobby & Ringoviss Starr: Merry Holiday (1975)(1976)(1977)(1978)(1979)(1980)(1981)(1982)(1983)(1984)(1985)(1986)(1987)(1988)(1989)(1990)(1991)(1992)(1993)(1994)(1995)(1996)(1997)(1998)(1999)(2000)(2001)(2002)(2003)(2004)(2005)(2006)(2007)(2008)(2009)(2010)(2011)(2012)(2013)(2014)(2015)(2016)(2017)(2018)(2019)(2020)(2021)(2022)(2023)(2024)(2025)(2026)(2027)(2028)(2029)(2030)(2031)(2032)(2033)(2034)(2035)(2036)(2037)(2038)(2039)(2040)(2041)(2042)(2043)(2044)(2045)(2046)(2047)(2048)(2049)(2050)(2051)(2052)(2053)(2054)(2055)(2056)(2057)(2058)(2059)(2060)(2061)(2062)(2063)(2064)(2065)(2066)(2067)(2068)(2069)(2070

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