• September 9, 2021

The Piano’s Piano Player’s Club: ‘This Is My Last’

In an interview with NPR, composer and conductor George Gershwin said he’s proud to have the composer who inspired his work, Julius Caesar, as his piano player.

“I’m not sure if you can do a better tribute to a great composer than Julius Caesar,” Gershy said.

“It’s just a brilliant work.

And that’s why I have such an enormous respect for him, because I know how he worked, and how he was really inspired by the music that he wrote.

And I love the fact that he wanted to create something, and he did it with a great amount of passion.”

Gershlen spoke about Caesar’s work in The Piano and the Piano Player.

He says he learned so much from Caesar’s music, and that he was able to find the musical equivalent of the lyrics in some of Caesar’s works.

“The piano music is not really a poem, it’s not really anything that the composer wrote,” Galshy said in the NPR interview.

“You know, he had this wonderful, incredible voice, and the melody was all just so beautiful.

So, when you listen to his music, you know, there’s just this wonderful sense of beauty and beauty in the music.

And it just makes you feel so, you see, like, the greatest composer in the world.”

Listen to Gershlwin’s interview on NPR here:

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