• September 24, 2021

‘Lionel Messi was the best’ – Lionel Messi’s wife says

In this episode of BBC News’ Football Focus, Lola, the wife of Lionel Messi, speaks to the programme’s host, BBC Sport’s Jonathan Pearce, about the impact the Barcelona star has had on her life.

Lola, who has four children, first met Messi in 2004 when she was working as a model.

“He was very humble,” she told the programme.

“He would talk to you like a little kid and he always had a big smile on his face.

I thought, ‘OK, well, then you’ve got your family, so let’s get on with it’.””

Then when he got his first call-up to play for Barcelona, he immediately made it clear to me, ‘I have a family, I have to get my mum involved’.”

I thought, ‘OK, well, then you’ve got your family, so let’s get on with it’.

“But she said that, at the age of 23, Messi became the youngest player in world football history to score four goals in the final of the World Cup in Brazil.

After he was named player of the tournament, Messi signed a new contract with Barcelona in 2014.

In her interview, Lora also talked about her childhood.

She was raised in the impoverished town of Pernambuco, in northern Brazil, where she was the only child of a single mother and her four brothers and sisters.

The family lived in a small house, with only two beds and a bathroom, but her parents were both doctors.

Her mother was a doctor, while her father was a social worker.

For the first two years, Lita was the youngest in the family, although she had her own interests and hobbies.

When she was five, her family moved to Barca, where Messi and his family moved.”

I remember the first time I saw Messi was in a bus,” Lola said.

 “He went out and played football and he was very much a typical Brazilian boy.”

At age 10, Lela became the first in her family to graduate from high school.

She was also the first girl to graduate with a doctorate in international relations.

In addition to his family, Lila also has two siblings: Marcello, 20, and Dani, 21.

Marcello is currently studying in the United States, while Dani has a degree in international affairs.

During the interview, she said she is happy to be married to one of the most successful football players in history.”

The best thing for me was when I was the wife and child of [Lionels] father,” she said.”

To be the wife was really nice because it meant that I was always the one that was supporting him.

“And then I was with him, so I had a great relationship with him and with the children.”

It’s a big honour to have a football player as a wife.

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