• November 1, 2021

Matt Whitaker: Learning to play piano in 3 months

Matt Whitakers first piano lesson came in February 2017.

It was the day after he was born, and the only way he could play was by hearing the piano on his own.

Since then, Whitaker, who lives in Portland, Oregon, has been playing piano with his father.

“He had to go to work,” Whitaker told Al Jazeera.

“He couldn’t sit at home.

He had to be at work, and it was very difficult for him to play.”

Whitaker’s parents, Greg and Kim Whitaker , are also both doctors.

“We have a family practice,” Kim Whitakers said.

“We’ve always been a piano-playing family, but we’re very busy, and I think that’s why I’ve always encouraged Matt to go back to school.”‘

I have been a musician for a long time’Whitaker is an accomplished pianist, having studied music theory at the University of Oregon.

After playing with his mother and a local group, he moved to New York in the 1990s to work with the jazz artist, composer, and performer David Byrne.

“I was very much in love with jazz,” Whitakers told Al.

“I’ve been a violinist for a very long time.”

The couple moved to Portland to raise their son, who is now in his second year of high school, and they’ve since opened their practice in their backyard.

“Matt and I are so much more comfortable playing piano now than we were even a couple of years ago,” Whitaks said.

In recent years, Whitakers’ interest in music has led him to travel the world.

He has travelled to New Zealand, Indonesia, India, France, Italy, Russia, Canada, Australia, and even New Zealand.

“The more I play, the more I’m becoming a better musician,” Whitkins said.

When Whitaker was first introduced to piano by his dad, he was a little apprehensive about the instrument, but he quickly got used to the feel of the keys and found himself enjoying the piano.

“When I first played, I thought I had to have a degree in music, but then I realized that my dad was the first person I learned to play,” Whitaking said.

“It was like a dream come true.”

When Whitakers was 11, he learned to use his left hand to play a piano and found the instrument to be his best friend.

“If I wanted to, I could play the piano and play jazz,” he said.

Whitakers has now been playing the piano for almost a decade, and he says it’s something he has always been looking forward to.

“Learning to play it is like a natural progression,” he explained.

“That’s why it’s so rewarding to be able to play with my dad again.”‘

Music has always fascinated me’Whitakers says that even when he wasn’t playing piano, his interest in the subject of music had always been there.

“Music has been a constant in my life since I was a kid,” he told Al, “but I never really knew how to play.

It’s always been in the back of my mind.”

In his own life, Whitaks has also developed a keen interest in teaching music.

He has taken classes at Portland State University and the University at Buffalo, New York, both in music theory.

“There’s something in the world I don’t know about music, and that’s because music has always intrigued me,” Whithes said.

He also enjoys teaching students about music.

“They are just learning how to sing and how to learn music, learning a language, learning how the body works,” Whiters said.

For now, Whitkins is focusing on developing his own teaching method and has started his own piano lessons.

Whitakers is a musician, and his father is a music teacher.

He’s already working on his first piano lessons, and when he’s finished with them, he plans to teach students a bit about the history of music.

But the goal isn’t just to teach his son how to get the music out of his head.

“At the end of the day, what we’re doing here is teaching him how to understand the music and how it is a beautiful and powerful language,” Whitans said.

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