• June 18, 2021

A little-known Canadian piano legend says he was a slave to the man who played his beloved piano

Samick piano player Michael Wojcik was born in 1894 and grew up in a Chicago neighborhood known for its music, where he saw piano and jazz playing at all hours of the day and night.

He was sent to boarding school at the age of 10.

By the time he was in his teens, Wojcik was a free man, and after the war, he started working as a cabaret singer.

He returned to Chicago and began a career as a pianist.

He began playing at a Chicago nightclub in 1946, when he was 22 years old, and won the title of Chicago’s youngest piano player.

But when Wojcink decided to go back to school, he got caught up in the music business.

He earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Northwestern University in 1959, but his musical aspirations were more ambitious.

The pianist was living in a New York City apartment when he started hearing the news about jazz pianist Samick Piano.

Wojczik said the story was a major turning point for him.

He thought it was a great opportunity for him to go on a journey that he wanted to take on.

In a new book, Woznick: A Piano Legend in the Making, he talks about his journey and his passion for the music.

“I just wanted to be a part of it,” Wojzicks autobiography, written in 1996, reads.

“The piano is an instrument of the world.

To have it play, to be part of the symphony orchestra, that was something that I was determined to do.”

The pianists life in Chicago In the early 1960s, Woynick started working for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

“It was the beginning of my life in music,” he recalled in the book.

He worked in the orchestra’s concert hall, where his job included organizing the music of the Chicago jazz orchestra.

He also took on the task of getting the musicians into the piano, where they could practice and learn.

“For me, it was more of a hobby than a profession,” Woynich said.

He didn’t always perform well, however.

In the 1960s and 1970s, he said he was criticized by his superiors.

He wrote to the conductor of the orchestra and was told he would never play with the orchestra again.

“In my mind I thought I had done my time in the world,” Woznik said.

But in a way, Wodichs career was far from finished.

In 1968, Wodynich left the orchestra.

“After that I decided to make my own career, to create a musical career that I would be able to continue to live,” Wodyiks autobiography reads.

In 1978, Wolynick left the Chicago orchestra.

After his departure, he became the pianist for the orchestra for two years.

He would become a regular in the ensemble.

He started playing in other orchestras around the country, including the Chicago Orchestra, Chicago Symphony, Chicago Opera, New York Philharmonic, Chicago National Opera and New York Royal Philharmonia.

Wolynicks passion for music was contagious Wojicks life in the jazz world would change when he moved to Chicago in 1981.

“That was when I started to really become a musician,” Wolynich recalled.

Wodicks first job was working with a Chicago jazz band called The Rhythm Boys.

He played drums and piano.

“A lot of the drummers were black,” Wodik said.

“You knew that when you heard them.

It was an exciting, exciting time.”

In the late 1970s and 1980s, the Chicago music scene started to diversify.

Woynis work with other groups became more extensive, including The Jazz Boys, the band of jazz artists who would eventually become the Chicago Jazz Orchestra.

In 1985, Wotickiks life would change.

“As a jazz musician, you’re constantly challenged,” Wosnyich said in his book.

“So the pressure was on me to do things that I didn’t want to do.

That’s when I realized, ‘I don’t want this job anymore.'”

Woynyich would become an orchestra member, and would be an integral part of orchestras history.

He joined the Chicago Philharmonik Orchestra in 1988.

“When I left the Philharmonics, I was in a place that was very different from what I’d imagined,” Wokich said of his time in Chicago.

“There was so much going on.”

He said he never imagined that he would be a full member of the Philharons orchestra.

Woknich’s career in Chicago He said that he and his bandmates began to play the music that they had learned from the Philalies jazz ensemble.

“We were learning everything from what the Philadelphians were playing,” Wotich said, “to what we were playing

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