• July 9, 2021

‘Tiny House’ actress: I’m still going to be a kid for a while

The actress, who has starred in the TV show “Dancing With the Stars” and is now a host on MTV’s “Dance With the Star” series, is now back with her new “Tiny Houses” series.

The “Tin House” is an educational series about children’s homes and the homes of other families.

It will premiere this fall on the cable channel.

“TIN HOUSE” was written by Nicole Mancuso and stars Lizzie Velasquez, Michaela Baldwin, Kate McKinnon, Josh Gad, and John Krasinski.

“Honey, I love you,” said Manciso, who is also the host of MTV’s MTV Dancers.

“It’s like a family and a home.”

The show’s premise: There’s a new home for the kids.

“They’re living the life of a family,” said series creator and executive producer Jennifer Egan.

“The family gets the house and it’s just a place for them to grow, but it’s also a place to go to and live.

You know, for them, it’s not a place of competition, it is a place where they can all go to play and get along.

And then for us, it was a place they can go to to learn, and it was also a chance to get out and explore a new world, a new culture.”

Manciso, Baldwin and Kutner are joined by other family members.

The series, which premieres this fall, follows a group of kids who discover that their parents have gone through a major divorce and are trying to rebuild their lives.

“We really wanted to create a show that has an emotional and a moral aspect,” Mancia said.

“This is a show where you have the family at its most authentic, and I think that’s what people really want to see in our shows.”

“TIL” was produced by ABC Studios and will be produced by the Warner Bros. Television Group.

Mancismi said the series is based on a true story.

“I’m not really sure how people have an idea of the ‘Til’ story,” she said.

MANCISO: “Til is the longest day of the year.

And I had just gone through one, and the day that was over I was so happy.

And we were so happy, and we were going to get back to the kitchen, and then I got so nervous because I was thinking that it was going to take forever, because I just didn’t know if I was going in.

And so I went, I’m going to go get some food and then, and as I got out of the kitchen I was like, ‘I know this is the first day of summer, but I am going to do my own thing, and that’s where I am.’

And so that’s how I started.

And you know, that was a really, really good experience.

And it really helped me.

And just trying to keep that kind of happiness and that kind in your head, and being so relaxed and just enjoying being around the family, and also enjoying having fun. “

LIZZIE VELASQUEZ: I thought I was gonna go, I can’t do this anymore, and when I found out I had to stay home, I was really worried because it was such a crazy and exciting thing to be on.

I was just thinking, ‘This is just the way I am, and you’re just going to have to do what you need to do.’ “

JOSH GAD: I felt like I needed to do something for myself.

I was just thinking, ‘This is just the way I am, and you’re just going to have to do what you need to do.’

And I did, and now I have the privilege to be an actress and do something that I love and I feel like it’s important to do.”

“HONEY, I LOVE YOU,” from the “Tinian House” series by Nicole Millias.

“WONDERFUL,” from “Tini House” by Lizzia Velasques.

“CATCH AND RELEASE,” from TIN HOUSE by Nicole Miancusos.

“MISS YOU,” by the series starring Lizzianas Kate McKillip, Michael McKean, Josh Gill, and Josh Gad.

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