• September 9, 2021

The Piano Lesson: Moonlight Sonata Piano

Mini piano lessons and a new moonlight sonatas for beginners are coming to Irish music schools.The piano lesson is being taught by Dr Michael Ryan, a former Irish national master and lecturer at Dublin University, and the moonlight piano lessons are being taught at The University of Ulster’s College of Music.Mr Ryan said they had…

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Why piano lessons are good for you

Learn a new piano.Get an electric piano.Try out a new instrument.Get in touch with old friends.Learn something new.A new piano lesson will give you new ideas, improve your concentration, help you understand your thoughts better, help with writing, and, ultimately, help make you feel better about yourself.That’s the key.And it’s the reason why I teach…

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What’s your favourite holiday song?

Christmas song of the year: “Kiss Me, I’m Your Man” from The Muppet Movie.It’s an American Christmas song with an English chorus, but it’s a perfect holiday song to sing at a Christmas party.The theme piano is by George Harrison.It was written by John Williams and John Lennon.It is the only Christmas song in the…

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I’ve been in a coma for nine months, says the piano teacher who has a brain-eating virus

The piano teacher is in a comatose state after he was infected with the brain-killing virus and had to have a blood transfusion for the first time in his life.The 33-year-old is recovering in hospital after suffering a stroke and having a stroke last week, the BBC reports.The incident happened on Sunday in the United…

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