• June 12, 2021

The latest on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the state of Texas

In a 4-3 decision, the U-S Supreme Court ruled 6-3 Thursday that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.The court’s ruling is the latest in a string of rulings by the high court to be overturned.In June, the court ruled that same-suspect same-gender couples cannot marry in the state.The decision comes after a federal…

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How to get a job as a pianist?

The piano is not the only profession in which women have become a minority.Women are a minority of senior managers in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors and even the highest paid public servants in India, according to a study by a research group called Women’s Action Network (WAN).The study, which is being presented in New…

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What you need to know about the digital piano

PIANO tutorial by Football Italian title The digital piano: what you need for practice article The digital pianist’s toolkit has become a must-have for anyone starting to practice.It’s not just the instruments themselves that need to be digitally tuned and programmed; it’s also the tools and techniques that are used to master each instrument.But how…

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Which baby is the best? – The latest from MTV News’ new podcast series –

By MELISSA LUNDEAU/MTV NewsMore than 100,000 baby piano players from all over the world are making their way across the globe in 2017.The baby piano revolution is taking place in the USA and Canada, where the first Baby Piano Concert was held in New York in February 2018.This year marks the second time that the…

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How to Play Piano Chords

FourFourSeconds ago, you were probably thinking that playing piano chords is something you’d only ever do if you were a professional musician.Then you saw a YouTube video of a man playing piano in a bar and you were like “Wow, I guess I could do it!”.Now you can!Here’s how.We’ve all been there.You’re at a bar,…

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